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"..Guaranteed Goosebumps..." ~Trend Journal

Check out my new song:   The Jägermeister Chair

Ray's Links

I've added a few links to some useful and interesting places.  Don't get lost - use your browser's Back Button. ;~)

Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda -  Golf Club Bermuda golf

http://www.qualitydj.com - Here is a new friend, Jason Canaan.  He runs a DJ service in Maryland.  I played at an Aflac Sales Convention in January, '08 and we worked together for an evening of entertainment.  I added a couple of low quality videos of the event to my YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/raypasnen) in case you would like to check out the lightshow, et al...  It was nice to meet you, Jason, and the rest of the Qe team.  I am waiting on a few photos that were taken by Tony Lewis, Jr. of TLJ Photography who was there taking professional shots for Jason.  I will add a few, if I am able to, in a couple days.


www.DaveBootle.com - return to homepage by clicking here.

Here is a link to a good friend, Dave Bootle's, website.  He plays at Henry VIII's in Southampton Bermuda.  He is quite funny and holds the crowd in the palm of his hands.  He has some excellent original tunes on his site and you can download them for free.  Click hear to visit his site.

Vinne Ferrone - live musicWow.  Check out my buddy, Vinnie Ferrone's, website.  He offers a shitload of songs for free.  You can see Vinnie working all over New York City and, last year, he appeared at "The Beach" in Hamilton, Bermuda for a few months.  You may be able to see him in Bermuda again soon.  Anyway, check out his site.  Here is a link!

I am glad to be listed in the African Drumming website.

Here are links to the Swizzle Inn website.  I play there 5 nights a week this year!

Here is my good friend, Patrick Lück, from Minden, Germany. 


Happy to be listed in MaineSeek!


Kathy Sharpe, Country Dance Instructor


Country Steppin' With Kathy Sharpe -My friend Kathy.  We worked together on a South Pacific tour one time.



My independent music site.  Singer Song .com!   Click here to visit Singer Song .com!

Are you interested in getting fit?  Check out my fitness site-Right Diet .net!


Here is a link to The Back Fence web site.  It's a great bar in New York City's Greenwich Village.  I started playing there in 1995 and have since become great friends with the whole "family".  I designed their site for them and play there quite frequently.  Check 'em out!





Myth and Mystery-All myths, mysteries and earth's ancient history!  Very interesting.
Recipe EZ-Millions of quick, easy recipes!  Cook a new meal Tonight!
OptiMet.net-Optimize your website for the search engines!  Top SEO!
Compute and Save-Shopping online. Save money on all online shopping!
Bermuda Seek-Bermuda information website.  Bermuda hotels, resorts, vacations...
Diets & Drugs-Informative, comprehensive website about all diets and drugs!
Shake Down Charters-Bermuda sport fishing charters.  Fish Bermuda!

My friend, Sloan Wakefield, is the captain and owner of the Atlantic Spray.  It's a beautiful Bermudian built fishing boat and he does some great charters.  Click through and check out his new web site.

NEW PHOTOS on FaceBook  -  20 years since high schoolSchenck Class of '87 reunion info hereHigh school reunion information

Proud to be listed at www.ListingsDoctor.com, OptiMet.net, Worldwide Traffic Deluxe Pens & Person Finder
Here are a few new sites:  Bermuda Arts - Bermuda Museums - Arthritis Pain Center - Find a charity - Bermuda Vitamins

galaxy.jpg (20140 bytes)

This is the Official Hubble Space Telescope web site.  Check out this picture.  There are many more at this site.  Click the pic for a better look.  Back button to return.  To visit the site, click here. 


lucy.jpg (28244 bytes)

Here is a link to Lefty Lucy's web site.  They are a couple good friends who come to Bermuda from the Philly area to play each summer.  Lucy plays at The Pickled Onion and her husband, Nick, plays at The Hog Penny (both in Hamilton.)  They have what promises to be a great new album on the way.  Click through.



Eric Schwartz.jpg (113595 bytes)

Eric Schwartz is a good friend of mine from the Village in NYC.  He is a great singer/songwriter and has a fantastic new album.  Click Here to visit his web site.Click here: The Franklin Micare Trio



This is a very interesting site.

It has links to 100s of satellites orbiting the Earth that you can access and see the  planet, moon, sun, etc...  You can tell it what city you'd like to look at or just go by  latitude and longitude.  Think about what time it is in the area you'd like to see since, inconveniently, the Earth is dark at night.  You can also download some great stuff to help you see more of our whole solar system.  Very good site.  This is an actual page. Click it to enlarge.  Use Back button to return.   Click Here.

http://www.munkii.com/links/healthyfoodandeating.html travel

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