There is no actual "best" setting to use as your window size.  Web sites must be designed for many different makes and models of browser and many different user selected options within each.  With this in mind, I've designed to be compatible with most of the major browsers.

Though I design the page to be viewed at many different size settings, the optimal viewing size is 800 X 600 pixels.  It is very easy to change this setting within your computer.  If you're viewing pages on the internet at a size lower than this, 800X600, or larger than 1024X768, you're probably not seeing the best of the net.  Reset your screen size settings and check it out!  You'll get much more enjoyment out of your surfing experience!

To check or change your window size:

bulletPress the Start Button on the lower left of your screen
bulletthen, select Settings
bulletthen, select Control Panel
bulletthen, select Display
bulletthen, select the Settings Tab
bullethere, you can change the Size Setting (along with color and monitor selections.)  Select 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 pixels (I have started using this size more these days).

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