How Search Engines Find Websites

Wow are you really interested in this?  Well let me give you "search engine marketing" in a nutshell. 

Search engines find websites by finding links to them in other's websites.  Let's take Google for example.  They have a robot that goes constantly around the internet just surfing website after website.  This is a fast robot that could probably see my whole site in about 10 seconds.  By comparison, it would take an average user about two hours to see enough of before they get bored & leave the site.
(Yeah, right!)    ;-)

This robot (called Googlebot) finds all of the links on my website that go to other people's websites and then follows all of the links from all of those sites to other sites and then all of the links on those sites and so forth and so on...

On some of my pages I ask to have no links, please.  This is because I don't want Google or Yahoo or MSNsearch or Alta Vista or any others to list these certain pages in their search results.

But what about Search Engine Marketing?

Now turn this around.  If I wanted to have a website listed higher in the search engine results, I would want more and more "incoming" links to my website.  The more links that are found to your website on other's sites, the higher they will list it.  For example, I have just started working on a website called  I want the search engines to find this site and list it high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) so here is the link, google or yahoo...  Please find that site and add it to your listings.  List it really high please.  :-)  This is what search engine marketers do.  Make new websites and get more and more incoming links to those websites.  This is what I do sometimes, too.  In fact, every website listed on is mine.  Nearly 800.  I researched each project, designed each site,  wrote all text, created all graphics, etc.., etc... A long project.  Nearly 7 years.  Wanna buy a website?  Every one is listed well in all search engines.

Well, that is search marketing in a nutshell and an explanation of how search engines find websites.

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