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Pictures from The Back Fence in New York City, Tootsie's and 3rd & Lindsey in Nashville, the art of some of my friends, and some miscellaneous stuff.  Do you have one that should be here?  Click Here!

Tom Riccobono and the girlsBack Fence 02/21Back Fence 02/21Jennifer

Jennifer and Danny Farag Debbie & Robyn Back Fence Crew Tom Riccobono, "Down by the river!"

Ray and JordanaMaria!Just getting drunk.  Look familiar?Back Fence audience members Feb. 11

Fun at Rathbone's!Thanks, I think I really need the help!Rathbone's, 88th and 2nd Ave., NYC

Post Game Party!Our drunken waitresses!Bill Finizio at The Back Fence, NYC.Thanks for the help, Ted.

Debbieacb1.jpg (22130 bytes)adamandco.jpg (32504 bytes)3 girls with Greg Aulden

bfnye3.jpg (18703 bytes)Angela and KristiclesThe Claw!Cassidy and BriannaSara

Tammi, Kristi and WandaVery international crowd.peteray.jpg (25076 bytes)Phoopa with Ray and Mike Plotino at The Back Fence.

Tom Riccobono with Mark WestRathbones 12/16Martha

drunk.jpg (17989 bytes)Claudia and MikeGina at Rathbone's, your lovely bartender.Blithe's birthday!

Rathbones 12/16. Back Fence crowd 12/15. Ray and Jackie

Back Fence crowd 12/15 Jackie Charlie and Bashy Peter and Mike

Tom Riccobono on Stage Greg Aulden on Stage. Acoustic Blue on Stage. Brooke and Jeff at Hillbilly HotDogs

Chris'Truck.jpg (41862 bytes) Chuk Islands Airport 1 Chuk Islands Airport 2 Shonda at Hillbilly HotDogs

Acoustic Blue at The Back Fence Opening for Lorrie Morgan at The Beacon Theatre At Tramps Jimmy Toscano at The Back Fence Chris and Rachel at The Back Fence

A Jennifer Shaw original Jennifer's drunken doodle Hi Tech Bum in NYC Napkin drawing by Arnold Kaplan

Naha, Okinawa, Japan Sink or Swim, Marshall Islands From the van's window, Guam Gab Gab Point, Guam

Rick, Rod and Ray Bob and Norm with special guest Ronnie Negro Savannah Sky in Great Neck, NY Remember the Kit Kat Club up stairs from Burnt Land Rips Tavern.

Sasquatch in a cowboy hat, Queens, NY Ray in college-Berklee 1988 Maria & Sue at The Back Fence Bashy and Tom Jones at Terra Blues, NYC

Tom Riccobono with Tom Jones Remember when.  The Clubhouse, Burnt Land Rips, East Millinocket, Maine Delia, Danny and Robyn at The Back Fence With Soap Stars at The Back Fence

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