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Live In Bermuda

The ultimate Ray Pasnen album. 30 songs recorded live at The Swizzle Inn. On the right are quick samples of each song.

If you would like to download the songs instead, just say so in the "optional message" text box on the order form and we will email you a link to download the whole album from a fast T3 line. 

Ray Pasnen:  Live in Bermuda

Today's Special!!
Human Race: FREE
The Child In You And Me
Am I Losing You
Forever Lost Its Meaning
She's The Lady
Human Race
Talk It Over
The End of Love

Ray Pasnen - Human Race album - Free Download

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Disc: 1 Windows Media RealOne Player
1. Layla Listen Listen
2. Intro Listen Listen
3. No Woman, No Cry Listen Listen
4. Fast Car Listen Listen
5. Margaritaville Listen Listen
6. Rock And Roll Listen Listen
7. Lucille Listen Listen
8. Devil Went Down To Georgia Listen Listen
9. How's Your Whole.... Listen Listen
10. A Little Help From My Friends Listen Listen
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Disc: 2 Windows Media RealOne Player
1. Call Me Al Listen Listen
2. Phoopa-Island Jam Listen Listen
3. Basil -Dock Of The Bay My Girl Listen Listen
4. Brown Eyed Girl Listen Listen
5. Blow Me Listen Listen
6. Tom-Wild Rover Folk Song Listen Listen
7. American Pie Life Is A Highway Listen Listen
8. The Gambler Listen Listen
9. As Far As You Want Me Go (Bonus Track) Listen Listen
10. Last Last Chance (Bonus Track) Listen Listen
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