Some photos from Spring/Summer 2009

View of the West Branch of the Penobscot River in Maine
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The lovely Sarah Gordon and the plain, old Ray. Poster for one or four of my performances. My brother, Tim (Pasanen) and his wife Amy and my buddy, Mike Kimball. My stage at Al's Bar in Medway Maine USA West Branch of the Penobcot River in Maine Mount Katahdin in the rear view mirror. Ray and Hoa at Al's Bar in Medway Maine USA Ray and Phil Groves in Pam and Ivy's in East Millinocket Maine USA Ambi and some road kill on Route 11 north of Millinocket Maine Moon in the middle of the day at Millinocket Lake - Kevin Peppin's camp! Ray on the London Eye! Ray and Charles Darwin at The London Aquarium My brother, Ray, at The London Aquarium Ray on the donkey at Maria's Taverna in Minden Germany Maria and Klaus at Maria's. Joel Umlauf at a Nightline gig. Henk Vrugteveen and Werner Grimpe - NIGHTLINE in Germany Chassim the great gypsy accordion player at Maria's Taverna in Minden Germany Patrick Lueck at Cafe De L'Opera in Minden Germany Minden Summer Jazz Night 2009 in Germany Ray and Frank Hoffmann at Cafe Al Mundo in Minden Germany Not quite as nice as Sarah... Ziggy and Ray at Maria's in Minden Germany. Bar Harbor Maine - Main Street Patrick Lueck Advertisment Three little beers...

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