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Ray's trip to Perth, Pemberton &
Margaret River, Western Australia Photos

There are a ton of photos here.  It may take a while to load.  "No worries, mate!"

In February, '06, I returned from trip to Pemberton, Western Australia.  I was visiting my friends Linda, Ian and Raj (formerly from Bermuda).  Linda and Ian own and run The Gloucester Motel in Pemberton and Raj is the head chef in the restaurant.  I took a bunch of pictures and have added them all below for your inspection.  These first ones are of Ian and myself in Margaret River.  We drove down from Pemberton for a full night out and really went for it.  We met a great guy named Robert who owns All Star Hire Services - its a limousine company in Margaret River that specializes in (amongst other things) winery tours.  We had a blast and I would suggest this tour to anyone.  Anyway...  we begin with a few photos from that.

Picture: Pemberton Vineyards - Margaret River Wine Limousine Tour* Photo: Ray Pasnen and Ian Leaning in a limo in Margaret River, Western Australia.*

Pics: Wine tour Western Australia*

Photo: Robert Giometti - All Star Hire Limousine Wineries Tours*

And here are a few pictures from the gigs at the Gloucester and some landscapes from the surrounding Pemberton area including a trip on the train (The Pemberton Tram).

Merv - Ian - Ray on stage and singing in Gloucester Motel Pemberton.  Limbo dancing at Gloucester Motel in Pemberton Western Australia.  Merv Ian Ray live music in Pemberton Western Australia. image

Ian Leaning and Ray Pasnen on stage at The Gloucester Motel and Legends Bar.  Ian Raj and Merv singing in Sadie's Restaurant Gloucester Motel.  Ray on stage at Gloucester Motel - Let's get drunk and get naked.

Limbo dancing at The Gloucester Motel With Ray Pasnen singing. image.  Photo of Huey Michelle and Raj in the kitchen at Gloucester Motel.  More photos of Ian Raj and Merv singing in Pemberton Western Australia.

View of audience from stage at Gloucester Motel - Pemberton Accommodations  Stage in the dining room at Gloucester Motel.

Pic of Ray Pasanen giving the finger at The Gloucester Motel.  Train tracks in the forest in Western Australia Tram bridge - photos.  Ray and Nicole on stage at Gloucester Motel - photographs.  Small stream in Western Australia picture from trains.

Linda Zakarriah and Ian Leaning - photo from Gloucester Motel.  Raj Kelly Merv limbo dancing at The Gloucester Motel - photos.

Picture of Ray Pasnen poster by the ATM on Main Street in Pemberton, Western Australia.  Picture of Stick Bug (praying mantis) in Pemberton Western Australia.  Photo of the buffet at The Gloucester Motel.

View of grounds at Gloucester Motel -from lower building.  Smorgasbord photo from Gloucester Motel.

Prawns at the buffet in Gloucester Motel Conference Centre.  Pictures of the Gloucester Motel Pemberton - lower building.  Living room in the motel in Pemberton - gloucester motel. Pictures

Photograph of Bibbulmun Track Sign in West Australia.    Bobs Bridge in Pemberton Forest in Western Australia.  Scene of Brook in the forest in Western Australia - Karri trees.

Picture of tram tracks disappearing in the woods.  Photo of trees in Karri forest in Pemberton Western Australia.  Train coming at you from the woods. Photo Pemberton tram.

Cascades Brook in Pemberton Forest Western Australia.  Pictures of the Karri Forest in Western Australia.

Pics of the Cascades in Western Australia.  Photograph of Cascade Bridge on the Tram in Pemberton.

Images of Western Australia Top of the Karri Forest.  Logging train trestle - bridge - loggers railroad Western Australia.

Photo of Emus  in Pemberton Forest, Western Australia.  Pemberton Tramway - Train tours in Western Australia Karri Forest photo.  Ray Pasnen in front of a locomotive steam engine - pic.

Pemberton Rail yard. Photo of trains.  Photo of steam engine in Pemberton Australia.  Ticket for tram tour of the forest.

Photos of trees in the karri forrest in Pemberton Western Australia.  Scenic images of the Karri Forest Western Australia.  Railroad track in Pemberton Western Australia. Photo from Train.

Lefroy bridge in Pemberton Australia. Pic of sign.  Pix of Lefroy Bridge on the Pemberton Tramway.  Scenic Australia photos. Small stream and forest.

Scenic view of small brook in the Karri Forrest Western Australia.  Picture of the Karri Forest in Pemberton Western Australia.  Photos of the historic logging camps from the past loggers.

Main Street Pemberton Western Australia - photo Down  Main Street Photo of Pemberton Western Australia.

Red dirt road in the karri forest of Pemberton Western Australia.  Lovely photo of the forest and brook in Pemberton Western Australia.  Brook from the train tour in Karri Forest. Photo

Train tracks in Pemberton Western Australia - picture from tram.  Woods forest photo in Western Australia with Stream.  Photo of road from the truck in Australia.

Redgum Bridge on the Pemberton Tran line tour - photo of sign.  Pic of brook in woods in Western Australia.  Treen Brook Forest - 1928-37 Regrowth - Picture of sign.

Photo of utility vehicle in Western Australia. UTE  Ray's poster in an abandoned storefront window.

Train Tracks in Pemberton accommodations.

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*Thanks to Robert Giometti from All Star Hire Services for these photographs.










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