Jumpin' In on May 24 - Bermuda Day

May 24 is the first day of the year that "real" Bermudians will go swimming.  The water is considered too cold before May 24 which is a public holiday known as Bermuda Day.  It is a great reason for a party.  Usually 100 or so boats will "raft up" in the middle of St. George's Harbour.  This is a huge conglomeration of ships, boats, barges, dinghies, canoes, inner tubes, jet skis, you name it.  Basically a large floating island and you can run from boat to boat for hours.  Everyone has a beer to offer if you are too far away from your own stash.  Other than Cup Match, this is pretty much the second biggest party of the year.

"Thank you for dropping by!~ Ray Pasnen!


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